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Managing your rental business should be easy, personal and private.

Landlordy is an iPhone and iPad app for private landlords to manage real estate properties, tenants and rentals on the go. Track rent payments, send invoices and payment receipts to tenants. Keep track of related expenses. Use camera to save important details. Easily export and share financial data with your accountant. Get instant financial reports and useful reminders to be an even better landlord.

Always up-to-date in your pocket or purse!


Manage tenants and rent agreements

Rent invoices

Create and share rent invoices

Rent payments

Track rent payments, send rent receipts

FInancial reports

Get instant financial reports


Manage rental business expenses


Organize and manage related photos

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A mobile companion for the DIY landlord

Track rent payments

Manage rent payments on the go and keep track on tenant balance and payment history. The app supports partial payments as well as advance payments.

Manage expenses

Keep your rental business expenses organized, save photos of expense receipts with your device camera and make them easy to share with your accountant.

Prepare rent invoices

Create rent invoices with a few taps on your phone or tablet. Manually add or remove invoice lines or fees if needed. Easily add your expenses to rent invoices when you have to.

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Be an even better landlord

Reminders for daily landlord duties

See late payments and expenses due, be reminded to create rent invoices for tenants in a timely fashion and know in advance when existing rent agreements are due to be renewed.

Keep essential information organized

Manage tenants, rent agreements and rent fees. Keep notes like contact information and photos of important documents. Organize photos of your rental properties before, after and during each tenancy.

Share invoices and receipts with tenants

Send rent invoices and payment receipts to tenants using e-mail or messages (or via any other mobile app supporting iOS sharing extensions e.g. WhatsApp).

Financial reports screenshot

Always on top of your rental business

Instant financial reports

Get instant reports on your revenues and costs for a single rental unit, a property with multiple rental units or all your properties. Share financial data with your accountant via Dropbox.

Private and personal

All information remains private on your mobile device – no sharing with 3rd party websites or online services. Customize to your liking – personalize your expense categories, invoice and payment receipt templates (Personal Edition feature).

Property management software that fits you

Download free version to make sure Landlordy fits your needs, unlock Personal Edition features (one time in-app purchase, no subscription fees) for unlimited number of tenants/agreements, unlimited number of rental units/properties, personalization, data export, Dropbox backup and restore features.

Or just be brave and get paid version of the app with all features enabled upfront.

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